First-Time Filmmakers Garner Awards

Industry vets, key cast and crew explore new roles

Liluki Productions announced that My Dinner with Steve has just been accepted into the Golden Jury International Film Festival, marking its eleventh official selection, a remarkable achievement for this ultra low budget indie. Shot in St. Petersburg, FL, just two days before the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, the the film was not ready for submission until late September. Already its received awards and critical acclaim.

Telling the cringeworthy story of a first date gone wrong—thanks to a toxic combination of addiction and self-esteem issues—The Gabber newspaper calls the movie "a fresh, personal spin" on rom coms. Exactly what first-time writer/producer Lisa L. Kirchner was hoping for.


"You always see stories about battling addiction," she says, referring to the fact that each of the main characters is a person in recovery. "But I haven't seen many that show what it's like to live sober." 

Notably, the film marks the directorial debut of Eugenie Bondurant (the cult icon Tigris from Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2), and brings back Todd Sheeler (Dawson's Creek !) as Steve, while introducing Kirchner as Jen. 

"I’ve been a working actor and coach for 30 years, and in that time directed thousands of scenes with my students," says Bondurant.  "Directing a short was a mountain I felt ready to climb."

In My Dinner with Steve, when 40-something Jen finally lands a date with her teacher crush, she mistakes her online stalking for intimacy, and turns their dinner into an addict's confessional. The award-winning creative team unites up-and-coming talent with experienced and acclaimed professionals. It's Lisa L. Kirchner's screen debut, opposite Todd Sheeler (Dawson’s Creek; McCinsey’s Island). Mary Rachel Quinn (A Peaceful Warrior, A Life Well Framed, Blueberry, Party Girl) is Assistant Director, and Amy B. Nestor (Ringling College) is the Director of Photography.


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Amy B. Nestor. Eugenie Bondurant, Todd Sheeler, and Lisa L. Kirchner outside Iberian Rooster. 

A storyboard still.

Eugenie Bondurant directing on set.

Cast and crew on set.

Cast and crew on set.

Eugenie looks on as Lisa L. Kirchner descends stairs at Iberian Rooster.


Todd Sheeler and Lisa L. Kirchner

in a still from My Dinner with Steve.